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What is vpn service?

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--- Quote from: retiredfeline on February 15, 2021, 09:12:48 pm ---Client to site VPN is useful for employees WFH or on the go. It gives their computer an intranet address with an encrypted connection to the office.

Site to site VPN is used by companies wanting to link their sites together over encrypted connections.

Consumer VPN connections are often used by people wanting a different exit point, e.g. to bypass geoblocking. You could browse over https and the provider can't decode the traffic but they would know your destination. So you would have to trust them to some degree. In some cases nobody cases about that, e.g. watching a TV program only available in another country.

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thank you for your answer. I was also looking for this a while back and stumbled across it here.  :-+

A VPN will hide your IP too. Even without a static IP, big parties such as Google can trivially tie your IP to an identity unless you are super privacy minded and with a static IP a lot of smaller players can too. Just need one compromised endpoint with a known login to tie it all together.

If you download questionable materials it can be relevant.

PS. webrtc leaks your IP by default, because of course


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