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What is vpn service?

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I set up a bunch of SonicWall and Cisco with site-to-site and client-to-site VPN for my clients.

I just don't get what a vpn service for consumers is.

Are they just a simple encryption service that use the word "VPN" as a marketing lingo?

Your data are routed to the vpn service providers.  They can just sell your data from their ends anyway.

Client to site VPN is useful for employees WFH or on the go. It gives their computer an intranet address with an encrypted connection to the office.

Site to site VPN is used by companies wanting to link their sites together over encrypted connections.

Consumer VPN connections are often used by people wanting a different exit point, e.g. to bypass geoblocking. You could browse over https and the provider can't decode the traffic but they would know your destination. So you would have to trust them to some degree. In some cases nobody cases about that, e.g. watching a TV program only available in another country.

A friend of mine setup an open vpn server in his friend's house so he can watch local tv from another country.
I know what you say.

But I still don't get what the vpn service companies I see on tv commercial are selling.
I get it that they say if you want security surfing the web from Starbucks, you need a vpn service from them.

Most of the website are encrypted running off the HTTPS servers anyway.
Also, if you are working from Starbucks, you already have the vpn client connection from your office anyway.

Are they selling snake oil?

Just making hay from FUD.



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