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Where are all the PoE switches?

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In my loft I have a Netgear GS105PE, which is a 5 port managed switch that can derive its own power via PoE. It needs to be PoE capable because there's no convenient mains power supply up there. I've been using it via an 802.3af PSE port on another switch, and it's been working fine for years.

I'd like to add another wired device to it, but it has no free ports. No problem, I thought, I'll just get a slightly bigger switch. It has to be a managed switch with VLAN support.

I bought a TP-link TL-RP108GE, which is one of the very few models I could find. It turns out, however, that this device only supports "passive PoE", and simply doesn't work when plugged into an 802.3af or .3at port. (WTF?  |O)

I had thought that a switch that's capable of being a PD would be a completely commonplace, everyday, commodity item that every manufacturer would have in their range, but that appears not to be the case.

Before I send it back, I'd like to know if there's a better option. I could:

- buy a "passive PoE injector", and run the TP-link off that. Ugly, but not overly expensive.

- buy a second GS105PE and either hope that its PoE passthrough works (some reviews say not), or run another cable from my PSE-capable switch into the loft

- buy some other make / model of switch which has 8 ports and which receive its own power via PoE

It seems really odd to me that PD capable switches seem all but extinct. Does anyone know of any I might have missed?

lots on eapy, used.

Have  100 base T 57V POE 5 port for $15, 1GB are easy to find


Found this one:

Don't think it is managed, but a search for "8 port switch powered from poe source" gave me that link, so try a search with these terms and more of what you need.

Thanks. Seems odd that they're not more common, though.

I did find a solution in the end - get one of these, and plug it into any compatible switch that has a dc inlet:

I've also ordered a TL-SG608E which is a standard, managed, 8 port Gbit switch with a 5V dc power input. Should plug straight in to the adapter, and when one day I want to redeploy it elsewhere, it's just an ordinary switch that I can power from the supplied wall wart. Much more future proof than some passive PoE oddball.

Looks like a nice solution.  :-+

Reasonable price too. Have not looked at prices lately but years back I was looking into wireless access points or routers powered with poe and they were rather expensive. With your solution is possible to reuse what I have. My POE switch is currently not powering anything since I stopped with VOIP.


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