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WiFi to Wired Ethernet Bridge

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--- Quote from: Halcyon on April 17, 2021, 12:28:08 am ---It looks like a lot of the new TP-Link's don't have bridge (or client) mode any more. It's either "Wifi extender" or "Access point" modes. I'll have to find an older model by the looks of it.

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No, they just don't have a button which says 'bridge'. They do, however, have one for turning off the 'extender'.

The little Mikrotik units like the hAP and mAP can be configured to do a half-arsed bridge as well.

If you want to consider used equipment I've used loads of Linksys WET54G which is pretty close to "just works". In fact I have one knocking about which I'd let you have if you weren't the other side of the planet.

I don't think I'd touch TP-Link again after some pretty woeful experiences of one of their powerline adapters. Really flaky firmware, no upgrade although there is some (superior) community provided FW so at least they're not crashing every week or so like they used to  >:(

I just did this last week.  I used an 11 year old router running DD-WRT in client bridge mode.  Took a little bit of fiddling, but it's up and running and has been solid.

This one says you can set it up as a Bridge.  I never used this one before.  So, I can't comment on this.

On the other hand, I have a bunch of these WiFi bridges from Trendnet.  They worked very well for me for years.  They don't make these anymore.  So, I flashed my old Cisco E1200 with DD-WRT.  Best bridge I have ever had.

Trendnet Tew-640MB
Trendnet Tew-647GA
URent N300

I found another one.  This one supports 2.4 and 5 Mhz.


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