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I want to do something I think is probably impossible in Win10.   I have a pair of really fast, really sophisticated, really long distance microwave modems, think big dish. Thirty  miles would be no problem if you have enough tower height.

IO on the RF modem is serial port with a buffer and full handshaking.

So is there any way to have  a Win 10 laptop on each end with directory access and full file sharing?

Desired path would be:  Laptop One  <> USB Serial Cable <> RF Modem <> AIR GAP <> RF Modem<> USB Serial Cable <> Laptop Two.

Comments like "Use a WiFI Card Instead" or " Switch to Linux" are not what I'm looking for...


Running classic PPP?

Is it still possible? I haven't used SLIP/PPP in say 15 years.
Is there software for this?


Yes, Windows 10 supports "dial-up" network connections using PPP.

Setttings -> Network & Internet -> Dial-up -> Setup a new connection -> Connect to the internet -> etc...

Blimey, SLIP/PPP - how I got our factory networked in the early 90's with Amigas (AmiTCP) and 386/486/Pentiums back in the day. Trumpet Winsock anyone?  :-+


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