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'Anti-Static' white coats

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It is not public shaming, but trying to prevent miss information.

an assembled PCB is LESS suseptable than a bare chip.

Also remember that a mosfet suffers from ESD, if you charge yourself and touch the gate pin you can punch through the oxide and destroy the mosfet. This was actually done in TAFE (where I did my servicing apprenticeship) to prove to us the importance of ESD precautions.

You maybe lucky, or you may have customer who think you use cheap parts as they failed 6+ months down the track.

The precautions people take are in line with the cost of the product (a $2 product in china may have no ESD protection in a factory assemble environment, but a $20K product will have every precaution taken)

You can remove the need for ESD protection, buy controlling the atmosphere, clothing worn (down to underwear and socks) floor material, work bench surfaces and chairs. BUT this is all very expensive. it is cheaper to use wrist straps, and bonding of the product to the same earth (when working with very static sensative equipment I ground the ground plane to mains earth, my ESD strap is from the same earth via a 10M high voltage resistor (rated at 2.5Kv as I work with equipment up to 415Vac)

Definitely luck :) i know people who just seem to have some sort of magical properties for not damaging chips, then others who can just look at it and kill it. We used to have a regular customer who'd bet money he could cause damage.

i've heard about magnetic personailities, but esd personality never.

Peter Griffin knows a thing or two about ESD.


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