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Adding .svg to allowed attachment file types?

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--- Quote from: magic on February 25, 2022, 11:58:18 am ---
--- Quote from: Zero999 on February 25, 2022, 10:54:09 am ---Monochrome PNGs are a similar size, or sometimes smaller than ASC.

8-bit colour PNGs are normally smaller than GIFs. I generally use monochrome PNGs for schematics and those which do require colour are 8-bit, or less, which keeps the file size as small as possible.

--- End quote ---
Interesting, I used GIF because I assumed that PNGs are 24 bit only. They always turned out larger for me. Will have to investigate.

--- End quote ---
Some software always saves as 24-bit PNG, which often makes the file larger than GIF. It's possible to get MS Paint to save as 1-bit PNG. Convert the image to monochrome by clicking on properties, note there's a bug which causes anything which isn't white to be changed to black, then save as .png. It's possible work around the, everything which isn't white will be black bug, by saving as monochrome .bmp first, then .png.

Proper imaging processing software such as Gimp is obviously the best way to go, as you chan save as 4-bit and 8-bit, as well as 1-bit and 24-bit.


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