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Alkaline battery charger????

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I came across this product?

Is it for real?


--- Quote from: achilleas_v on July 19, 2016, 05:46:50 pm ---I came across this product?

Is it for real?

--- End quote ---

No.  Either it will do nothing, or it will make the batteries leak  >:(

It will charge them once, but after the second time it is almost guaranteed they will either leak or burst.

You could partly recharge older non alkaline zinc carbon cells, but the capacity loss on each cycle was considerable.

I see it also recharges NiMH and NiCad....

But as for regular alkalines (ones that have NOT been designed for recharging)

* Their mechanical structure is not compatible with gas generation that occurs during recharging.  This means there is a significant probability that they will leak and a possibility that they may explode.
* Capacity will be nowhere near that of a new battery and in high current devices, it is questionable if it will provide any useful operating ability.
* The number of charge/discharge cycles you might get are not likely to be high - and the capacity will fall with each one.

If you can get 10 charge/discharge cycles with each providing more than 25% of the original energy available in a new battery, then I think there would be a few of us here that would like to know about it.  Be warned - you will need to provide solid evidence...

Personally, I wouldn't touch one of these with any expectation of being impressed.

I did build one years ago, as I was using a portable radio which would eat D cells on a regular basis. So I built one ( not too complex, was an Elektor article in the 1980's), and at least it was able to increase battery life from a week to around 3 months, though only for the cheap non alkaline cells. Then they would show signs of leakage, and I would toss them, and go out and buy another 4 D cells. modified an old NiCd charger to do it, using the case and a little modification of the inner side ( and removal of most of the rest of the components on the board along with the switch for selecting battery type) board to do it.


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