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Any chance anmiated GIFs could be disabled for use as a profile picture?

Very few users have chosen to use them (thankfully!). But when I come across one while trying to read a thread, I find it quite distracting. See here for example:

If not possible, uBlock origin (the Adblocker browser extension) can block certain elements, or certain pictures by pointing at them.  I use that often to block what I don't want.

Another way is to hide avatars entirely, for all users:
but only if you are logged in, or to add the user to your ignore list:;sa=ignore
such that the entire post, including the animated avatar will not be visible by default.

Right. That's how I deal with the stupid flashing Chinese ad banners here.

You do realize that by making this thread and calling attention to the fact that you can have animated profile pictures you have likely prompted more people to make them.

Nominal Animal:
I already have two animated avatars here blocked using uBlock Origin.  It's quick to do, so as long as it does not suddenly become more popular, I'll just keep doing that.

I'm not sure if it is worth the effort to ensure nobody uses animated avatars, but it sure would be nice if Dave and the moderators decided and told the members animated avatars are undesirable... but I don't think they care, because the animations don't bother them enough.


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