Author Topic: Anybody else noticed how things you talk about here end up as suggestions on YT?  (Read 788 times)

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Google Analytics is enabled on this forum so that is probably how they [Google] know what to promote/advertise to you.

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Yep. also seen it.

The google analytics explains a lot.  :-DD

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Profile -> Modify profile -> Look and Layout ->  Don't show users' signatures

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NoScript is your friend.

YouTube recommends me things I've expressed an interest on YouTube, and nothing else.

Ironically YT is one site I'm actually quite happy to log into and allow to learn some things about me. Without logging in, it's a cesspool, but once it knows what I'm interested in, it's a surprisingly rich vein of genuinely worthwhile, high quality content that probably doesn't have any other outlet and wouldn't exist otherwise.

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I use NoScript and AdBlockPlus.  I couldn't browse without them.  It would drive me crazy.

I also configure Firefox to allow cookies but delete most of them, including YT, when I close the browser.  So YT shows me videos based on what I've searched for or viewed during that session.

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