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Attachments cross-linked / mixed?

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Lately I've had to delete and reupload several attachments because they showed a completely different image when expanded.

But now I see that older posts got the pictures I posted much later in other threads!

See this, expand the schematic... shows Elon Musk!

If it helps, you are not alone.  I had a similar problem recently.  The thumbnail didn't match the expanded version.  As I recall, I ended up deleting all the attachments and starting over.  Maybe we are both crazy?

For sure we're all crazy, but this is real! :D
Yeah this has been happenning for weeks now, but you would notice inmediately after uploading, as you say, deleting and uploading again fixed it.
Aware of this issue, I always check the attachments after uploading.
That post was ok, but then a picture uploaded to a different thread got there.

So that's a more serious issue. You could be breaking you -perhabs- hard work by uploading pictures to new posts.
Two months later someones replies about a picture that went wrong, asking for reupload, but you don't have it anymore!
Your work went straight to waste!

After Twitter, Elon Musk decided to buy EEVblog next.

"Keep shocking, keep enjoying", as the message says :popcorn:

(Or, dunno, maybe you just encountered one of the most famous and long standing bugs on this forum. Delete the bad attachment, upload again, move on...)

It seems you're NOT reading properly. This is not the usual bug.
I got one thread's image broken by uploading to different one later in the day.
And no, I can't reupload something that's been deleted.
This one wasn't important, but could have been, maybe a reversed engineered stuff, a hard to find picture/schematic...
Definitely a bit worying, forum storage can't be trusted at all.


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