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Bitscope BS325 review


Just found your blog and I love your enthusiasm and sense of humour.
Just had a read of the Rigol review and wondered if you had considered reviewing the latest Bitscope BS325 Unit
I'm still trying to decide about buying the Bitscope and would value your opinion even if you decided againt a full Blog Review.
Another idea is a review of Kicad, a free GPL pcb design programme which I use for my own designs .
Hope you find my suggestions interesting.


The showstopper with the Bitscope is the sample rate, it's only 40MS/s, that gives an effective single shot bandwidth of only 4MHz.
They haven't really updated the design much in over a decade, so IMO it's no longer competitive.
It's optoisolated which is nice for PC scope, and it does waveform generation and logic too.
But US$700 for a 40MS/s 2 channel 8 bit mixed signal scope is way overpriced IMO.

On a side note, I can remember way back when Bitscope asked me to write their PC software for the them. Wow, that was a long time ago...

Sorry, I can't review any CAD software for conflict of interest reasons.



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