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I had this idea for a blog and i thought it would have been fun to share it with you. How about a "circuit of the week/month" series? Introducing and discussing a new interesting circuit every week, month or random time. Something that could be used to address a specific task. More or less what you already did in ep #72 when you talk about your ucurrent adapter, but without all the "extra" things (package format, design ideas etc) just the circuit, plain and simple. It think that would be great. It could be a valid counterpart to the "equipment review" series as i presume it's kinda tough to obtain new material to review on a regular basis isn't it?

Hope you like the idea


I think Dave is trying to avoid these scheduled vblogs.  When he first started he tried a few things like chip of the week.  I seem to remember him mentioning he was staying away from these things and focusing on specific topics for each episode when they came available rather than hunt for a circuit at the end of the month if nothing has come up yet.

yes I remember that as well. I said week/month just to give the idea. Obviously that's not a constraint just "circuit of the I'll do it whenever i feel to" doesn't sound really good :P

Btw I'm posting this only as a reminder, Dave said he would have thought about this but he would have probably forgot without a post on the forum, so here it is ;)


Yeah, if I get email it just gets buried within a day and I have no hope of remembering.
Sounds like a decent idea, I'll see if I can slip one in occasionally.

Usually the latest blog is whatever I think of at the time I go to shoot, I'm usually too lazy to actually think about it and plan something  ;D


oh don't plan anything Dave that would make it boring  8)


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