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I posted in the open hardware software  subforum.  Now that link gets a bright red warning by Google and will not let me see it:

I cannot even post a snipped image of the error.

Is there anything that can be done to recover the contents of my posts in that thread?  Even a screen print  to Photoshop image is blocked.

Edit2: I took a photograph of the screen, downloaded to Photoshop and saved as jpg.  When I try to up load I get the same "invalid_filename" error.  What gives? 

Not sure what you are referring to, but there is some server maintenance happening today which is affecting attachments.

I was getting the same thing and a few other error messages earlier but as Kean said, was just due to the forum guys doing maintenance  :)

All in all, don’t stress! All is good and hopefully attachments will be working again soon  :)

The first evidence I had of that problem was a couple of days ago when I wanted to access the link to recover one of the photos in my post.  I didn't decide to post the question until this morning. 

Posting snippets had not been a problem before. Just tested a snippet and got the invalid filename error.  So, that issue may be related to the server.

The problem with the link per se still exists and existed before today.

What link?  If you can't post an image due to the attachment maintenance happening right now, you could use a few more words to help describe the actual problem.

I see you posted two replies to that thread, one with a link to another EEVBlog thread, and one to an AliExpress page.. Both work for me.


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