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DAVE - Is it possible to have a "My Activity" Section


Hi Dave, How are you mate.
I commonly find myself here and sometimes wondering "where the hell was that post that i posted" or
"what was the title again". So even though i do use the search, it's meaningless if i forget what i need to search for.
Now most other forums have what they call a HISTORY or  MY ACTIVITY or  MY POSTS or something that shows the posts that i posted
or the posts that i have commented on. Usually these 2 are separate,

is it possible to have a section in our accounts area or somewhere there where we can go to and see the posts we have created
and the posts we have replied to ?
i think that would be helpful

in your profile you have  a stats and your posts history ....

And there is also Search -> Advanced Search -> By User field.

TERRA Operative:


--- Quote from: coromonadalix on March 21, 2024, 12:05:16 am ---in your profile you have  a stats and your posts history ....

--- End quote ---

thanks mate, I didn't even see that. That's very helpful, thank you


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