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Digital Works Rezap - Supposed Alkaline Battery Charger

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I would love to see Dave's take on this.


Australian company too!

I have see common batteries to exploded .. because they got " recharged " , just for 1 minute I had them connected with my PSU at 2V DC ( before 20 years ) , so to possibly make them ( help them )  to charge just a bit.

I did not succeed , and left the batteries ( four of those ) in an box ,  in my own room , and fall to sleep .
After  45 Min or so , its one started exploding one by one .  

The first explosion made a strong bang noise , and the positive cap was launched somewhere in the room.
The same happened few minutes later with the second , and then with the third , so I started thinking that was not an random reaction , so I started expecting and the fourth one to follow too, as it did.

I am not aware , of what hack this company found ,  but I am aware, that most disposable batteries follows an very minimum of specs - contraction and chemistry , so the most of them will react with very unstable behavior.

So unstable , that does not worth the risk.
We do have stable and safe  NiMh , why should any one bother to have unstable disposable batteries,
specially next to kids ..          

Grr, I hate seeing these things!
Another one:

Alkaline "Rechargers" have been around for quite a while. They started out designed to recharge special Alkalines that are designed to be recharged a few times, Grandcell brand among others were the first. They didn't work that well and disappeared once the Sanyo Eneloops came out.
Then a few companies have bought out these chargers designed to charge regular Alkalines. Most likely some sort of pulsed charging scheme. And I've heard they do actually work, kinda. You can force charge back into an Alkaline cell, in theory, but I'm of the understanding it screws up the chemistry and does all sorts of funny things. I believe the process is grossly exothermic and almost impossible to control too. The result is a f!@#$d up cell that kinda sorta works for a few times with non-repeatable results and random loss in capacity and dropouts during use.
Although to be fair I haven't actually tried one myself. But as always with these sorts of over-hyped "to good to be true" products, if it actually worked well everyone would have one.
I wouldn't mind getting one and dusting off my old battery capacity meter project...


I would love to see that and the battery capacity meter project sounds enticing...  ;D


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