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I just realised I don't really have a logo as such for the blog.
Not really sure why or if I need one, but I figure I should probably get one!

My graphic design skills suck, so any budding artists out there who think they can design a logo?
There would be a prize in it I'm sure! (in lieu of payment for full rights to the image *insert legal crap* etc)

As usual, haven't thought this through at all, so no idea what I'm after, but something pretty simple and readable with "EEVblog", as little wank factor as possible I figure!
I figure a white/transparent background is best.
The more "compact" the better I think. i.e. something that can be sized down to a Twitter icon or similar.
No real need need for graphics, unless it "works". Just "EEVblog" in a box might be fine!
Guess I won't know what I like until I see it!

Preferably available in some large original size that scales well for various uses, e.g. anything from a T-shirt to a small icon.


Quick tip about the logo design - avoid anything that just says EEV or even E2V as there is a real electronics company in the UK called This company used to be known as English Electric Valves then EEV.

Just so copyright infringment is avoided!  ;)

My graphics sucks too so I can't come up with one, sorry Dave!

Yeah, it must say "EEVblog", as that's my brand. No silly shortcuts.
I might try where you can get a community of graphic designers to fight it out to design your logo for not too much money.
I just figured if someone on here had the skills to come up something really professional, payment by Multimeter would be better :->


I will give it a try!

Payment by multimeter? I'll give that a try :)


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