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Hello Everyone,
When I post to an EEVblog forum the formatting of the post is a bit jumbled up.Spaces are missing between sentences, new line breaks are missing, but sometimes they are there.The posting looks like as of someone who does not care the least about spaces and new lines, e.t.c.
This is the only forum  site where I have such difficulties while posting.Just curious what is up?You could probably see it in the formatting of this posting...
Great site though, really enjoy it.
Thanks, Peter

No problem what so ever here .. post the print screen of your browser to show where the problem.

Thanks for the reply.This how it looks on my screenPeter

1) I'm not the only one I got this problem!
2) Unluckily (at least for me) you have to terminate your sentence with a space to get a line break!
3) Otherwise if I press <Enter> without the space,4) like I did, the two lines get merged!
6) at the end of lines 1,2,4,5 there is a <space>

I haven't experience this. Let's see as I've started another sentence. Next, I'll start a new paragraph.

This should be working as expected. Will it end up with missing spaces? I'm about to post this to find out. Here goes!


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