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EMP Shield Scam

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--- Quote from: Brumby on May 24, 2019, 05:04:58 am ---As it is, I look at it as a bit of marketing flim-flam because, let's face it, the current means of creating a dangerous EMP is limited to atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device - and if that's happening somewhere close enough to cause a damaging EMP, then I think you'll have bigger worries.

--- End quote ---
Without intending to give anybody bad ideas: the world's militaries have been developing conventional EMP devices for decades. The same technologies used for high-intensity inertial fusion research (Z-machines) can be used to generate EMPs.

100% bee-ess. I’d like to know how they meet this claim:

“Although the grid may be down, your electrical equipment and home will still be functional if you have EMP Shield”

Yeah, right. Sure. So long as I have a 20kw backup genset and the fuel to run it.

This falls in a grey area.  Clearly hype and marketing claims, but at root a real product with some value.  While EMP can directly affect electronics, how much damage will be done is highly variable depending on the strength of the EMP, orientation of the device and various potential shielding effects such as metal roofs and metallized foil insulation barriers. I suspect that an awful lot, maybe a majority of electronics will survive this direct effect damage.

Probably the biggest risk for most people is the power surge that will occur on some power lines - again depending on the orientation of the lines relative to the EMP wave and a variety of other things.  This box at least has the potential to deal with this.  But probably little better than any other lightning surge protector.  And it would be nice to have your equipment working when and if the grid comes back to life.


I'm not sure the adequately detail how one is suppose to direct the estimated 50,000 plus volts from the E1 through the device so that all of your electronics are safe. Sounds like magic. If they detailed the speed which it acts vs some of the classic products out there it would be interesting. Might have a real benefit in a CME or Lighting strike where the voltage is running down the wires and not via the air like an EMP. Curious what others think.

Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protection = $ under 200 US.

This magically device = $369 US.

Even if it worked by itself the way it is connected to the breaker box makes it completely useless. With those high frequency pulses the long cables act as high impedance and will not prevent an EMP from the grid to go directly to all the devices connected to the breaker box. The EMP shield may be the only thing that would survive the EMP :D


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