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Episode Request: Radiative Cooling


I enjoy the “busted” videos. They are entertaining and educational. Too often in those cases, however, I have smelled enough BS in my life to really not need to know all of the engineering behind the call out (even though it is fun to learn about it). That is, I have enough experience to feel pretty strongly that much is amiss based on non-engineering aspects of a lot of these companies/products/approaches/pitches/claims.
My suggestion is to look at a company and/or the technology that I don’t think belongs in the typical crowd-funded or dodgy technology sections.

This is the company (and I have no affiliation) and they are not alone.  (intentionally point to the FAQ page).

I also note that there is one small thread ( already on the general subject.

In a sense, I guess I am simply saying that I want to watch a Dave video about practical aspects and possibilities of radiative cooling.

I want to hear about the other sides of the issue, not unlike the lengthy “I bought an electric car” video and thread. I like to see intelligent contrarian (if that is where it falls) takes on issues and wonder why, so often, they are not sought out by Governments before deployment of a whole host of technology (I worry about the US infrastructure investment in that regard). Sometimes I feel like we have learned nothing from the security debacles we endure regularly. It as though the breaches are simply baked into the pricing models because that is easier.

But I am digressing…and if you already did one or think it is stupid suggestion, n/p.

Looks interesting. They are saying it can do 300W/m2 here:
Good solar panel might be 230W/m2.

So put that solar power into an AC unit with a COP of 2-4? You'd have somewhere in the range of double the heat dissipation from solar power, but only during peak hours.

On average it might beat solar?


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