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I already have the bunker for storage, and it's awesome, but not very convenient as it's in a different part of the business park.
I just found out about this storage space in the lab building for sale, I've been waiting 10 years for one of these to come up, they are as rare as a clear case Fluke 87.
Power, lighting, ventilation, and I can just wheel stuff on the trolley to it, right near my car spot. WAY cheaper than buying a bigger lab.
Not a done deal yet, but told them I'll take it. So fingers crossed it goes through. Ideally they want to sell it along with a big office they are also selling, but it's on a seperate title and know they might end up having to sell it individually anyway.

Bah, you just reminded me of when I missed out on a clear cased Fluke 87.

Hope you get the space!

Just try to make it possible to access everything you put in there.

I can see a mega shelving project not too far down the road...!

I foresee Dave installing a pick and place machine, a reflow oven, a QA station, and then hiring a student to run them part time, to in house manufacture his uCurrents in batches. Then a video series on how to run, and mistakes for young players, on running a manufacturing plant.

Just got a call, the owner asked if I was willing to exchange contracts but delay settlement, as they need to sell the office and don't want to move twice.
No problem!  :-+


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