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Firefox 112: broken?

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After updating Firefox to v112 (linux) and visiting the EEVblog forum I've noticed that input fields display spaces instead of text. For example, at login the field for the username doesn't display the characters I type, just spaces instead. Also, when quoting a post the input box appears to be empty, but marking text reveals a lot of spaces. Some other forums have similar issues or even have a totally broken layout (missing elements). New Firefox feature?

Just checked using v112 under linux Mint - no problems here.

No issues here. You could try to refresh settings.

Thanks for the feedback! Debian 11 here. I've already created a new profile for testing, still same issues.

Found it! When 'Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above' in the font configuration is disabled then things are back to normal, just with my selected fonts.

Edit: I checked this issue also on another PC. Funnily the EEVblog forum is fine but other websites have missing text. However, enforcing my fonts fixes that.


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