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Forum footer links contrast is not so good


I hope I’m not seen as griping -  the forums footer links such as “Mobile” and “WAP”, et cetera are EXTREMELY low contrast, being an off shade of blue, and they’re superimposed onto a “perforated” style black pattern. Is there a reason this can’t be modified - it can’t be that hard surely? It’s a usability flaw.

Thanks mate.


Best of luck. I'm not suggesting the other guy got banned for raising this but you may want to rethink it. It wasn't pretty.

Bit confused. I have to switch my iPhone to full mode for certain actions, and it’s a tiny screen and the elements are low contrast. I’m
not griping I’m only asking if it has been considered as something to change? Obviously if it’s a lot of work, and I appreciate there are other things that occupy forum admin time, then never mind it’s not the be all end all.

Thanks 👍👍


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