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when uploaded 8/6/4K trivial images like(resistor color code, ... some informative image) that sometimes take up multiple posts, inconvenient to open them due to size and speed
high res. images good for teardowns, large/medium schematics, some complicated issue

most display can display 2K anyway

I use MS Paint to downsize photos, (original monochrome schematic JPG 9x6K 2.8MB) reduces size down to some 200KB and image size/resolution is still within 2K and readable

Is this a question, a proposition, a statement, a tutorial on how to resize pages?

Your post is quite disconnected.

Are you proposing a modification to the forum so it resizes images automatically? If so, IIRC this was evaluated by the sysops and there were either pitfalls to it or were considered too obtrusive.

My daily driver is a Laptop with a 1080p display.

When uploading images, I Photoshop the images chopping to the area of interest and limiting the file size to less than 500KB.
I always save the images as PNG files because PNG compression is lossless, thus avoiding the artifacts of a JPG.

Also, my 'forum dark style' forces the image size to be reduced to fit on my display.
F.Y.I. - Images with a file size over 1MB, I refuse to look at.


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