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Fundamentals Friday - Safety


I try to think how dangerous can be electronic devices, I always hear about "main earth" on electronic devices is a good idea, the video "EEVblog #279 - How NOT To Blow Up Your Oscilloscope!" and other things like when you change your fluorescent to LEDs on some videos
Also I know High voltages on CRT monitors are or can be dangerous, I read you was worryed about touch old fashion CRT monitors, but I want to repair some of this CRT TVs, will be nice to know a safety way to test if are some voltage on it to check if the flyback work
I upgrade some heaters to made the fan run when reach some temperature and the heater element turn off, normal don't do that :palm:
I have one solder iron (80W) with the ability to can turn on one led when I soldering a USB conector and only touch one point of the circuit, well, this have a extra build in batery cell 3.7V  :-//

I think one video or more than one... one to protect devices and another one to protect people can be useful... always worryed about touch on the wrong place  :-BROKE

well on my home I have a extra problem, is a very old home from 1942-1944 more or less and the electric only have a couple of wires and no main earth :palm: sometimes when I touch some things (with a metalic case) I feel something as tickle on my fingers and the surface feel rough

By now the worst electrocution was with the phone line, that made two of my fingers was damaged for a short time, now I still having 10 perfect fingers but that was insane :phew: and some more things with the main power lines like touch both wires at the same time with a nude hand... :-//well I still alive after 4 electrocutions, one with the phone line and the
Magnetothermic only work one time  :-- :palm:
to be more safety now I'm trying to change all of the electricity of the home to add main earth to all of the building but I will need a lot of time, is a huge home with a shop on it with the same ploblem

the wires of my home look like the one on the attachments  :palm:


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