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Funky forum layout

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Hi all,
I recently got a new 34 inch display and I'm noticing some interesting bits on the forum layout. For example, the top bar is split in two and there is a line visible on the page (see attached screenshot).SS This is not really a bug but rather a cosmetic issue. Would be nice to have it fixed without any priority whatsoever. I'm using chromium on Linux if that's relevant.

Kind regards

Did you take a look at the html source?

It looks like some table divider, and maybe comes in on very high res monitors.

Why would you make a browser window so wide? Newspapers and books are designed so the lines are no wider than the span your eyes can cover in their central vision without turning your head at typical reading distances. Even on my smaller 4k monitor I usually have two browser widows side by side.

I guess the forum should have a maximum width like many websites do. But you can easily work around this by not making the browser window so ridiculously wide ;)

I'm more impressed that you can read paragraphs across a maximized window; that's challenging readability.

But yeah, that's a little glitchy thing that shows up for browser widths over, what, 2100px or so I think it is?  Assuming other defaults and scaling of course.


This was reported quite a while back and I already provided the solution, it's a style issue and can also be corrected by making a wider resolution image file. Note that style/theme seems to have moved since then.


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