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Help choosing DMM with PC datalogging.

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Nah, definitely only PC datalogging. Memory in the meter isn't needed at all.


--- Quote from: aXit on February 22, 2010, 11:04:09 am ---Protek 608, jaycar's most expensive meter, costing $300 there, but US webstores sell it for ~$120

--- End quote ---

I have not played with that one, but Protek meters have a reasonable rep, and the older 506 model has been around for a real long time and was a decent reliable meter for the price (with a few quirks).
Protek isn't a bad choice.
But like someone else said, someone on the forum got an Amprobe 38XR for $65 on ebay, which is remarkable value.

In either case download the software and play with it make sure it does what you want. Flaky PC software can be a showstopper with these PC link meters.


I already have, and it was the one reason I hadn't already ordered the protek.

No vista support, max sample rate of 1 second, and no way to save graphed information. Although, that just could be because there wasn't any data yet.

I'll look further into that 38XR.

Elektor Electronic issue june 2007 have article about portable multimeters with PC data logging capability. It is overview and (table)comparision of 16 multimeters namely:
Digitek DT-4000ZC
Voltcraft VC-820
Sinometer MAS-345
Velleman DVM345DI
Digitek DT8000
Voltcraft VC-920 same as Uni-t UT71
Sinometer MS8218
Sanwa PC510
Metrix MX 26
Sanwa PC5000
Gossen Metrawatt Metrahit x-tra
Agilent U1252A
Fluke 189
Gossen Metrawatt 29S
Metrix MTX 3283

For a while now I have been relying on my HP 3456A multimeter.  Its accurate.  Of course it is old, but I don't think I would let it off my bench.  Thanks to eBay I will have a 3458A too.

If you need a VREF all of the Mfr's out there, ST, Itersil, OnSemi, analog, national, linear, Maxim, Microchip. 

I use this device:

Mine stays pretty near +5v DC.

But, I use the GPIB/HPIB funcitonality with my NI PCI card and LabView.  Of course the setup is not really that portable but it gets good use.



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