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Help Please. New guy has some stuff to sell


I have some good equipment that is excess to my needs in setting up my learning lab.  Fluke27/fm, Agilent/HP 2 ch digital scope etc.

All of it is correct functional condition.

I have the listed on ebay but I would like list here for other beginners and provide a 15% discount over my BIN prices.

What is appropriate?  I read the stickies but I am soooo confused. 



Would help if you actually asked your questions that the stickies didn't answer rather than just say you're confused.

The rules for sales posts mostly boil down to:

* post in Buy/Sell/Wanted
* start the subject with "FS:" if you're selling something
* use it for occasional personal stuff, not to run an eshop on the forum
...and of course, don't be a scammer.


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