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help: Search-fu "class e"


i am trying to gleam the forum wisdom on the topic of Class E amplifiers
Class E
as a search term tells me i have to have worse longer then 1 letter
"class e" comes back with other things then the word class followed by an E but E anypalce else in the post
I'm kinda getting around this using the google search function but, is there some searchfu way of doing this within the forum search?


Here is one of the original articles about Class-E RF amplifiers:
And what looks like a good video:

All of these popped up when I googled: "class e rf amplifier"

I've built a few low-power Class-E amps (1-2W, 10 MHz region) and they work quite well.  I measured 98% efficiency on one of them, and it let me get 1.2W using two SOT fets in parallel.  The fets ran just a few degrees over ambient.  You will find many equations out there, loosely based on Sokol's work, but I've found that they need to be tweaked a little for low-power design (or perhaps my input parameters aren't quite accurate?) ( has a decent Class-E calculator you can download.  It uses "saturation voltage" instead of FET on-resistance, but the values it puts out seem to work well.  I've also built a few spreadsheet calculators using the Sokol (and other) equations found here and there on the net.


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