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I have an idea for a new board: hobbyist (as in electronics hobbyist)

I realise that “Beginner” is a similar thing in that people with less knowledge post in there asking for solutions from those with superior knowledge. The difference would be in the level, complexity and objectives of the answers.

With a hobbyist the purpose is enjoyment and education. Therefore, recommending that the poster, say, uses a higher spec microcontroller or drops in an extremely clever and extraordinarily complex circuit that they will not understand, misses the point.

Hobbyists want to understand and to use the simpler components and techniques that they have before them and to be led toward a greater understanding of their particular situation.

What do you think?

No, but, it should be implied when asking a question if you are a hobbyist or not, IF its relevant. Not all hobbyists are beginners or want a simple solution.
eg: my budget is only $20, just building one, etc.

If not, you've poorly explained the question, which is a common issue for beginners.


--- Quote from: PerranOak on August 10, 2022, 02:29:23 pm ---What do you think?

--- End quote ---

I think that some 'hobbyists' are pretty advanced, so the designation doesn't really mean much.

Would you have a few examples of topics which belong neither in the existing categories like Projects & Designs, Repairs, Microcontrollers, ... nor in the Beginners category?

I struggle to come up with compelling examples, and hence don't think there is a need for another board. A Hobbyist board would sit "inbetween" the existing Beginners and specialized topics boards, and would just create confusion where to put (or look for) a given topic.

As a retired engineer and therefore a hobbyist making me one of the more advanced type. As such I do not see the need for this new board.

Beginners is clearly there for the not so advanced hobbyist or professional and in this board or one of the others they can make it clear that the question concerns a hobby project, and that they are not up to speed with the topic. This way the experts can see it needs to be kept simple.


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