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How to delete my account?

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Its bad to use ISP email addresses in general, but, abuse of old accounts is very unlikely. Someone would have to be buying up old email addresses, just to look if they had specific accounts on specific forums. Then logging in and resetting and spamming them.

100x easier to sign up a new account with a new email and spam that way.


--- Quote from: Kean on March 30, 2024, 10:07:19 am ---If you feel you really must redact some information you can go back and edit or remove your post, except you cannot remove the first post of a topic.
Keep in mind that substantially editing or removing old posts, and leaving the replies, it just makes the topic more confusing for future readers.
And as per MarkF's comment anything you post on the internet is basically there (somewhere) forever.

--- End quote ---

Correct. The SMF forum software does not have the ability to just delete an account and leave replies intact.
If you started a thread then that thread is there forever because I do not have the permission of all the people who replied to remove their posts as well.
Every user has the ability to edit all of their old posts.
I have contacted the OP directly.


--- Quote from: Ian.M on April 07, 2024, 01:19:51 pm ---@MarkF:  I *think* Dave only deletes inactive zeroposters.

--- End quote ---

Correct. I never delete any account with at least 1 post just because of inactivity.


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