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Induction soldering iron review

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--- Quote from: wblock on January 16, 2016, 05:53:52 am ---Two seconds or five seconds, you mean? 

--- End quote ---

The graph here says 9 secs for that JBC model vs 2 secs advertised for other JBC models.

If you buy a JBC, be aware of the difference. Some models can deliver heat to the tip X4 faster than others.

There are few high frequency induction soldering stations. They are made by Metcal, Thermaltronics and then there is Hakko FX-100. The heating cartridges are powered with about 450kHz or 13MHz voltage.

The JBC CD-2BQF, PACE ADS200 and Hakko FX-951 use a resistor heating element cartridge powered by DC od pulsing 50Hz voltage. It is not so advanced as Metcal, but it also works OK.

Am I right?

(In past i thought that PACE and JBC was induction type, but I was wrong apparently.)


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