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Induction soldering iron review

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We have had low cost induction soldering irons for a few years now and they seem to have a big advantage as far as temperature control is concerned. I'd really like to see some comparative tests between some commonly available inductive soldering stations and the old school Hakko FX-888. Hakko FX-100, ATTEN AT306DH and Xytronic LF-3200 seem the most common devices.

Temperature control testing would be especially interesting, for instance by attaching a thermocouple to the tip and graphing the temperature when the tip is brought into contact with a solder blob on a piece of PCB.

There is an older document from JBC that I can't find on their site, but did find here:

I don't think that is the same technology exactly, doesn't Metcal rely on the transition temperature to passively control temperature? These stations I mentioned use a control loop with a thermocouple, with the thermocouple going in through the core of the tip with the induction coil on the outside.

The Hakko FX100 seems like a refinement.  This article suggests that it does not actually monitor the temperature, but monitors current and raises the voltage during high current draw to get the tip back up to temperature quickly.

I don't know about the others.

Ah, okay. As far as I know the Atten and Xytronic use this kind of wand (this is an image from the Kingsom KS-200DH) :


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