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Infrared Illuminators
« on: August 08, 2010, 06:26:07 pm »
hello im new here, has anyone used Infrared Illuminators for video and if so what ones with what camera,OK so ive modified several cameras (CCTV and Camcorders) by removing the bandpass filter from the face of the sensor ,now as im limited to Silicon based ,both CCD & CMOS i know the QE bottoms out not much below 1100nM,as im using 850nM LEDs (5mm Clear) ive built several illuminators quite cheep ,from a 16 LED lamp to a 216 LED unit all for use in non invasive video filming in the dark for subjects such as Astrophotography & Astronomy meets , Bushcraft trips,Wildlife filming and at a push UFO & Paranormal activities. Not only is this better for helping with your night vision accuity but does not disturb the subject your filming  so why are these type of lighting systems soo expencive .?
 I know i could just go to RAYTEC and spend £1700:00 on a lamp or use QTH lamps with an 780nM filter but i wiuld like to film for more than 25 mins at a time with LED  i have anything from a 2hr - a 16hr run time in the field, so dave how about showing us some budget IR illuminators and driver designs and the end results by field testing the lights in the real world.
 and yes I love the look of the InGaAs sensors with QEs down to 2.5uM.....nice
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