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Is it possible to unsubscribe from a thread?

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Sometimes I reply to a thread which then later becomes shall we say not something I want to be part of :D

On most forums there is an unsubscribe button so you can stop getting notifications when a particular thread is updated, and it also stops the thread from showing up in "Show new replies to your posts."

Here I haven't found the magic button. Thanks.

On the "new replies" or "unread posts" pages, far right, there is a column of checkboxes. Select, then click "ignore topic" button at the top. (?Do you have to enable that in your profile?)

Also works for threads started by experienced engineers that are (repeatedly) unable or unwilling to read data sheets :)

Add the unwanted thread to your "Ignore Topics" list:

You can set in your profile to show the "Ignore Topics" checkbox at the end of each line in the "Show new replies to your posts" list.  If you don't have the ignore checkboxes visible, you can enable them from your settings:

Apart from the "Ignore Topic", there is also an "Ignore User" and "Ignore Board" list, and also a friends list ("Edit Buddies" - buddies list only highlights their username, not like in facebook, so no notifications are sent to the selected usernames, no need for approval from buddies and nothing is shared with them).

I assume ignoring a topic will remove it from view entirely?

I'd really like to see an option in-between the "Unnotify" button, which simply stops emailing/notifying me of new posts to subscribed threads but still shows them in my new replies list, and actually ignoring a topic entirely.

My primary consumption model for eevBlog starts with first checking my new replies list (since I auto-subscribe to any thread I post in). But sometimes a thread goes off the rails or just so far removed from the conversation at the point I engaged, that I'm no longer interested and would prefer to drop it from my list. I can click "Unnotify" but that doesn't remove it from the list.

I could ignore it altogether, but most topics don't rise to that level with me. I might still choose to check in on the thread and so still want to see it in the forum list. Am I missing an option somewhere that would allow this?

It will remain visible in the forum, for you and for others, just that it won't appear any longer when you click "Show new replies to your posts".

Once ignored, to find it easier, click to show your own post, then click on the title of the thread you added to ignore.
Your own posts are listed all in the Profile -> Summary -> Show posts:


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