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Made duplicate account please don't ban me permently


Just created a new account because the first account was my real name and I have been my email being spammed from other sites that where I used my real name . There wasn't a way to change username that I could tell so I created a new account. Do not care if you blow away the other account. Just don't want a permanent ban . I am pretty sure I can only send this is because I am still logged in. 

I think this is considered acceptable as a one-off to correct the issue you mention, as long as you don't keep operating under both accounts.

If you want to keep your earlier post history, you could PM Dave @eevblog and ask him to rename your original account.

I banned your other account, but it was clear to me what you were doing (using the same email domain etc...). Your other account had zero posts anyway. No dramas there.

I don't have any way to delete or rename accounts, only Dave and Geoff can do that.

I can change your display username, just message me what you want.


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