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[SOLVED] esd mat - computer mouse doesnt work with certain mice

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My main refusal to change mice has been (until now) because there wasnt a decent wireless (cordless) that was any better than my current mouse. But that changed recently after a different company came out with a newer gamine mouse. And maybe a 2nd wireless option from a 3rd company later on too.

So my (old but also new) plan is to get the new mouse first:

* Which is half the weight of my current gaming mouse (for RSI condition)
* Which is wireless (can put anywhere between wires)
* It probably (very likely) also uses a different version optical sensor than my current mouse

So after getting new GAMING mouse. trollol. triggered much eh? then will see if there is any differnce.

But the other reason could be theres more different types ESD mats than previously believed. Like the main materials / surface is quite similar between them. But I could eventually also find one variation which is typically better than others.

The mat side suffers of: Sample size of 1 syndrome
or 3 samples, i have total, yet theres maybe? at least 12+ lines or different surfaces? IDK

we shall see. no hurry about it really. since they already discontinued the beige ones now.
you can continue to post here your reorts about 'which mouse works' for sure.
although nobody really knows which specific mats they are using. which isn't user fault or anything, just how they are being sold typically


--- Quote from: dreamcat4 on March 05, 2021, 06:49:58 am ---The thing that really kills me over these ESD mats is they dont work with the newer optical sensors on modern mice. If you get something like a high performance gaming mouse these days they all use the same exact high resolution sensor in them. And it flat out doesnt work (at all).

--- End quote ---

Hmmm ... mine works just fine on that mat in the picture. The computer is across the room. No problems at all.  :-//

(optical Logitech wireless mouse)

well tell us the model number then? and we can look up the sensor in it


--- Quote from: dreamcat4 on May 18, 2021, 12:07:53 pm ---well tell us the model number then? and we can look up the sensor in it

--- End quote ---

Logitech M185. I also just tried another one - Logitech M317c. All very common cheap mices, mouses, meeces, ...

ok! just got the logitech g305 and it seems to be working fine. with casual usage and no looking any closer with whatever more stringent testing. great! and not just working on my main esd mat, but also for 2 other sample pieces. which had been sent to me earlier for slightly a different esd mat. this is great!


very happy about this, especially since g305 can be modified, with different shape of casing shell. be made lighter and with rechargeable li-ion battery etc.

furthermore. am expecting to get another different gaming mouse too. during next 2 months. and it will have a different sensor. so will test that too

so the zowie fk2 looks to be out of the picture now. and maybe will be able to finally buy some new ESD mats. awesome!


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