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My thread has been locked in a high-handed manner.

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--- Quote from: CatalinaWOW on April 27, 2022, 01:29:32 am ---Totally agree with locking and banning, but also realize that this will be used as one more example of how horribly the world treats him and his compatriots.

--- End quote ---

You can't win an argument with crazy. He's going to think the world treats him horribly and everything is someone else's fault no matter how far people bend over backward to please him.

The original thread for those playing along at home:


--- Quote ---Can anyone give me a list of components and circuit layout from these photos?
--- End quote ---

Sounds to me like he wanted to be silver spoon fed this stuff at the effort of others but himself.

Correct me if you think I am wrong but I always thought that this sort of thing was referred to as "copyright infringement?" as nothing was physically taken away from the producers (material wise) apart from their revenue/profits that could be cut short if enough buyers chose knockoffs instead of the genuine articles.

Cloning a product is not copyright infringement but the rest is right on the money - OP wanted to outsource ripping off some device and couldn't even be assed to provide images with legible part numbers :palm:

That's the thing, I couldn't care less if he wants to clone the product, I've cloned things before for my own use. The issue is he was wanting someone to do it for him, for free, and then getting angry when nobody wanted to do that :palm:


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