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Need help with HP E2050A


Hello every1,
i got an HP3458A and an HP E2050A, but i cant get them connected or even show up on my router, is some 1 here who can help me with that?
My Pc is runing win 10 and im using a FritzBox on my E2050A only the Conn and the RX led are blinking the GPIB leds are complely off.....

I would suggest to move this post to the Metrology section where you are more likely to get responses. This forum section is for help on how to use the forum software, not help on other equipment.

The E2050A doesn't support dhcp. Only an old predecessor of the dhcp protocol that no consumer router will support.

I would set the IP address and other network configuration manually. First reset it so it gets a default IP address. Make sure your computer has an IP address within the E2050A's default subnet. Then telnet into it and assign it the static IP address that you want and that's within the subnet used by your router. This should be described in the E2050A manual.

You may need to tell your router not to assign the E2050A's IP address via DHCP using something like static leases or exclusions. See your router manual.


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