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need more EEVblog revenue Try developing more electronic pcb Kits


-also posted on the amp hour page.

just a word from an old weekend electronics hobbyist.
are you seeking new original design in today’s cheap Chinese electronic kits? many Chinese copy cats are good at copying stuff but some what poor at original design ideas. so my big idea is that you as electronics engineers can make original design pcb electronic kits. for DIY kits use part thru-hole zones with a surface mount core on the same project circuit board. and keep one step ahead of the copy cats. I did post this three-part pcb kit idea to an Australian electronics publication, but have seen little or no response to the idea so far. the idea is to have three-part pcb kits. part software, part surface mount, & part thru-hole on the same pcb kit. the software part can be like arduino or even an arduino clone, the surface mount core can be an original form factor. say a smartwatch form factor. a 30mm x 30mm o-led screen on a mico pcb. the thru-hole zones can be DIY add on’s or a video DVR sports camera kit or a lab power supply kit. or even a an oscilloscope kit that is better then the Chinese one’s. three-part pcb kits are part software, part original form factor, and part DIY thru-hole pcb customization. say you can add knobs to your oscilloscope kit if you like. in place of buttons. change the look of the graphical user interface GUI. just like with arduino software. so lets say you with a video dvr sports camera electronic kit you can add any lens to the image sensor. change the form factor so it will fit into a tube like a model rocket, or tuck it in your shoe like 007.
IMO where the money to be made is in the original form factor & the original software mod. your kit is better then the others. lets you add more customization. So this development idea is sadly not for me, as I am not a electronics engineer, just a weekend electronics hobbyist.
however I do buy and build many electronic kits, so give it a go if your better than me.
this is my electronic kit wish list.  ;D

do Reply

I think a real course supported by kits in microcontrollers particularly ARM would go down well, it's such a daunting thing to start with and some good advice that skips nothing would go down a treat. Also analogue designs might help promote this area of electronics that is being forgotten but that is very relevant.


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