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New account creation broken on mobile?


So, I just made an account, like just now, but I almost didn't because I kept getting this message:

"Please confirm that you are human in order to proceed with registration.
Bots are not allowed to register."

I tried using a different internet connection in case my IP was shared with a spammer, but no dice. I was about to say forget it and just not make an account, but I figured I might as well try in desktop mode, and it worked first try. Now I think I see what happened

When I made an account in desktop mode there was a field that asked me if Im a human, to which I could select yes. That field just doesn't show up for me on mobile, so I can't answer yes, so it thinks it's a bot. I checked using a mobile simulator on my desktop too and the same issue is there as well

It would be a shame to lose new users over something this silly. I know I almost gave up on the forum because of it. Hence this is my first post

Yeah confirm I see the same issue as you.


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