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--- Quote from: tautech on January 30, 2021, 04:27:17 am ---
--- Quote from: vk6zgo on January 30, 2021, 03:25:47 am ---......................
Imagine my surprise, then, this morning, when looking through "Show new replies to your posts" to find that, although the Moderation thread came up complete, there was no "quote" or "reply" option, only a stupid "thanks" option.

"Weird", thought I , & resolved to look for the thread using  the main index.
When I found it, I was surprised to see no postings later than November 2020, & no explanation as to why.

--- End quote ---
There are 2 Moderation Report threads one in General Chat and the other in the Supporters lounge which I have temporarily locked for moderators and members to take stock of the last few days postings.
Yes that right, I'm as shocked as anyone that I have a lock feature for a thread in the Supporters Lounge.
Maybe that's normal for OP's there IDK.  :-//

--- End quote ---

My bad! :-[

It had slipped my mind that I got bumped up into the Supporters Lounge, due to longevity, rather than support.
"Moderation Reports" pops up on "Show new replies to your posts" automatically, & I thought it was the "General Chat" one, as I am not used to being amongst the select-----the rabble is more my comfort zone! ;D

Hi Dave,

with the new forum sections what are your thoughts on moving some of the established or even some of the more recent topics into them?

Obvious one is this 3D printing one for a start

a few others from recent topics as other maybes? Fairly easy to trawl into the last couple of pages of threads in general, beginners etc to find a few more.!-cant-drill-holes-correctly!/

Depending on what you think do we add them here rather than PM/email?

Cooking Noooooooo :palm:  :-DD


--- Quote from: beanflying on January 31, 2021, 01:08:56 am ---Cooking Noooooooo :palm:  :-DD

--- End quote ---

I'm not enthusiastic about this new section but what I am even more against is facepalming others interests. I definitely don't want to see an elite set of "acceptable" hobbies and then sneering at others excluded from that set.

If there was any worthwhile benefit to be gained from the new sections then it will be diminished if any form of intolerance to others interests is allowed to fester.

Seriously look at my signature line and actually READ my earlier post here in this thread saying I would likely contribute! I am anything but anti food or cooking.

Don't throw muck unless you know the context the joking comment was made with.

A forum area equally related to electronics, test equipment, design, manufacturing, and testing would be something like "Standards, Agencies, Testing, and Approvals". Consider EMC, IEC, UL, ATEX, UKCA, 61000, 61010, 60079, etc. Currently, postings on these topics are spread across several forum areas. A central place for these topics may allow for improved communication.


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