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This thread is interesting all on its own.   You will never make everybody happy with respect to the right number of and type of subsections nor how they are named.   For example Solar technologies are now to the point that they are affordable to people like me so I thought a subsection covering Solar and off and on Grid technologies would be a good idea.   Then some time ago I realized that that was already covered in the power and Renewable Energy section.   The phrase "Renewable Energy" rubs me the wrong way because there is nothing renewable about energy.

As far as having a forums or sub forums, for 3D printing and CNC I really think that would be a good idea.   The reason is that 3D printing is advancing pretty fast and I can see the day where 3D printed circuit boards / assemblies are the norm and they will be very much 3D constructs on their own.   That is we will be building PCB in the near future with far more that on or two component layers.   CNC in a more general sense has applicability to just about anything made in the realm of electronics due to the need for enclosures.   Not to mention the machining of the actual PCB.

The problem I wee right now is that there are two good places to post related to these interests.   We have a Robotics and Automation forum and Manufacturing and Assembly, plus the ""off"" topic 3D Printing forum, which actually makes one think about where to put 3D printing and CNC posts.   I just see the organization right now as being a bit messed up making things confusing and frankly thins posts out across multiple sections.    So yeah I believe the topics are related enough to electronics to be accepted here, it is just a matter of finding the right organization, maybe not so much more forum sections but subsections. 

As to expansion I do believe that it is extremely easy to have to many forum sections that make it hard to select the right forum for a post.   The EEVblogs should have a minimal number of forum sections that get the job done.   When considering things like wood working that is harder to judge as if one is doing restoration work on old electronics half the challenge can be in the wood work.   I don't see it as totally worthless.

As for how I use the forums it is always via the web and a web browser.   I don't really consider the opinions of others that use alternative technologies as valid.   To me it makes about as much sense as the neckbeards that are complaining about E-mail that is not plain text.    I'm really sorry for the guys that can't adapt to modern technologies but modern E-Mail is one of the best things to happen to the whole concept of E-Mail.   In this world you either get with the times or fall far behind,

Black Phoenix:
I see as a great idea. I also learn how to cook 3 years ago (yes for years I was considered the terror on the kitchen, able to make it look like a bomb site), and nowadays after being teach by my wife I started to do some foods that she teach me better than she does (although I think that it is her scheme to run away from the kitchen since she didn't enjoy cooking  :-DD). I don't mind and kinda like to experiment (until now only once the food has to go into the trash.

I would love to see also a section to Photography, one of my hobbies and probably the biggest one that I've been doing since I remember.

What I don't like is the attitude of some users that don't accept anything outside of the scope of the forum, and then go and make ultimatums like "If this happens I'm going/out of here" or the kind of user who didn't want to use their time to learn something new or filter/block a section of the website he is not interested.

From what I saw most users here are professionals with high scholar degrees and most of the topics are kept on topic, with people knowing how to filter what is off-topic and on-topic, keeping the off-topic to a minimum. If said users don't like something, they just need to express why, without the ultimatums. Then is a weighting of who wants and who don't wants and in a democratic fashion the option with most votes is the one who goes forward. Ultimatums for me is kinda childish and demonstrates insecurity in anything other than what they feel good about it.

And if said users don't feel OK with that, they just need to or block said section of the forum or simply log out from the forum and look for another avenue to read what they are interested in. There are a lot of other forums or platforms that for sure will have exactly what said dissatisfied user wants to. Or even start their own forum/website/blog/Youtube channel/discord channel.

I hope I didn't sound like a jerk (or probably I sound like it). I didn't want to hurt anyone feelings. It is a controversial opinion yes, I will not get a lot of friends for it (to be sincere I'm expecting some backlash) but it's my opinion, without ultimatums and I think I should be respected by it as I respect the others opinions.

Could we *PLEASE* have an 'Aerospace' category/subforum to help get non-electronics related space launch and exploration, and aircraft stuff out of 'General Technical Chat'.

@all: Please thank this post if you also support an 'Aerospace' category/subforum and just want to vote '+1' without cluttering this topic.


--- Quote from: Ian.M on November 26, 2021, 03:02:30 am ---Could we *PLEASE* have an 'Aerospace' category/subforum to help get non-electronics related space launch and exploration, and aircraft stuff out of 'General Technical Chat'.
@all: Please thank this post if you also support an 'Aerospace' category/subforum and just want to vote '+1' without cluttering this topic.

--- End quote ---

I'm not against this.
Can you please list all the existing threads that should be in such a section. I'm not regularly watching every thread in the general chat section.

As requested:

I've gone back approx. one year for the above, and have tried not to list ones with heavy electronics content.

One of mine:!!!-(french-airforce-fubar)/
I think Ed.Kloonk will also have some to nominate.
isn't in 'General Technical Chat' and is certainly dodgy so I'm neutral on moving it, though it would fit the 'Aerospace' theme.


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