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--- Quote from: Shock on November 26, 2021, 11:09:24 am ---... I don't care, but Dave should be aware what impacts the forums ease of use, and you aim for active forums not inactive ones.

--- End quote ---

In your opinion, which is one of many.

It is too easy to break something which doesn't need fixing. New/different != better.


--- Quote from: Shock on November 26, 2021, 07:16:24 am ---It's very little traffic, I think general technical chat is exactly where technology like space flight should be posted. The rule for new forums "should be" that it attracts about a page of active threads or will quickly grow to that.

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Looking at the sections:
Electronics: All sections have posts from today or within two days. So all seems ok there.
Products: All today or yesterday, so fine.
General: One is weeks old, but that's to be expected, those cateories like Contests and Jobs are imporant.
Computing: Again, all recent posts in each catgeory. But I can see the argument below.
EDA: Yeah, this a legacy thing, not that popular. Could be consolidated.

--- Quote ---Look at the computing section, immensely popular topic but still struggling, I forewarned this. But it would help a little if people actually posted all computer related stuff there instead of general technical chat for exposure.

But tidying up the forums is more important. I'd redesign the massive list of forums so that it could be easier to navigate, this is why some forums are so inactive there is literally pages of them.

Taking a quick look I would: Merge all the EDA forums into one. Merge FPGA and Microcontrollers forums. Merge the computing section into one hardware one software. Merge Eevblog Specific and child forums into Eevblog. Merge Suggestions and Help into a new News/Suggestions/Help forum. Audio and general radio could be piggybacked into the RF forum. It has a large following and is essentially a subset of that branch of knowledge.

--- End quote ---

Agreed on the EDA forum, they could all go into one "PCB/CAD/EDA" section under Electronics, doing away with the section entirely.
FPGA and micros, I'm not so sure. They used to be one and we split it IIRC. Both are very active.
Agreed on the News/Suggestions/Help merger.
Agreed on EEVblog content merger, I've never really liked that anyway.
Seven computing catgeories is too many I think. Hardware/Software/Vintage would be adequate.

Anyone have any objections to these?

I've been wondering if a separate soldering category might make sense to add somewhere like the Products section. End of the day, I'll find whatever I'm interested in wherever it ends up.

I moved the PCB/EDA/CAD section to Electronics, but kept the sub catgeories as child boards. I did merge gEDA with the main topic though, it's basically dead.
I can put them into the one big category, but it's not trivial to do, I have to move bulk lot threads manually. I put a note on the main section to title posts with the package in anticipation of this though.
The main page is already less cluttered.

The Computing section now obviously needs the same treatment.

All EEVblog categories merged, and News/Suggestion/Help merged.


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