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It was suggested that an Off Topic Hobbies section be created for those that like the community here, but want to discuss other hobbies they have and want to discuss with other like minded people they already know here.
I don't see the problem with the idea, but please leave your thoughts, and suggestion for other catgeories you would like. e.g. it could be wood working, metalworking, books, 3D printing, whatever.
It's down the very bottom of the forum main page for obvious reasons.

NOTE: This is NOT the free-for-all general chat section some people want, the usual rules about politics, religion, guns, covid apply, and other off-topic stuff that gets nasty real fast.
You might also notice the General Chat section has been relabed General Technical Chat.


There are times when I notice users with very low post count get a little overwhelmed with responses to their beginner questions. It might be helpful for some of them to show off what they are good at so as to break the ice so to speak.

Dont do it!

If I want to discuss bicycles or gliding, I go to bicycle or gliding forums.

It is better to do one thing well than two things poorly.

When living in Cambridge and I wanted a tool, I went to MacKays. If they had it, great, if not I hadn't wasted much time.

Living in Brizzle there are many shops that might (and often don't) have the tool. I have to waste time going to see several on the off chance they have it.

I think the real question might be:  Why is the environment on this forum more appealing than others? 

If it is simply the rule set then those interested in other topics can borrow the rules and either start their own forum, or point out the benefits of the rule set to one or more existing forums.

If it is a reflection of the moderators I would think seriously about whether the moderators are interested in taking on what would likely grow into additional members who were more focused on the added topics.  (Of course the added members should translate into additional revenue so there is both a stick and a carrot).

If it is just a reflection that like minded people flock together it might just make sense as a community service.  The existence of much less congenial EE forums elsewhere on the web suggests there may be something to this possibility.

I am sure those in the business of running this can come up with other theories.  And of course because this is real life, not some homework problem, the answer is undoubtedly a mixture of all of them.  But it is probably a good way of thinking about the problem.

Is there an automated way in which I can never see any of the posts from would-be Nigella Lawsons (or Graham Kerrs)?

In other words, I don't want the Cooking stuff to appear in my "unread" and "unreadreplies" pages.


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