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--- Quote from: magic on December 04, 2021, 07:35:01 am ---I also found it a little weird that "computing" and the low-traffic "EDA/CAD" sections were above "EEVblog-specific", on the EEVblog forum of all places ;)

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The forum started as a place to just discuss the EEVblog videos, but it's quickly became it's own forum.
There are many on here who really don't care about, or even know about the videos.


--- Quote from: EEVblog on December 04, 2021, 10:14:35 am ---There are now two standout sections with less than 1000 posts. Robotics and Automation, and Mechanical Engineering. Maybe a merge?

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Given Robotics and Automation has been around for a while now and a bunch of the topics are borderline in that category for a start maybe a quick look and move some threads into more appropriate sections.

The 'Automation' topics make sense to include in Mech Eng as they will likely tend to Control Systems and mechanical devices doing real world tasks.

The 'Robotics' bit is a bit murky as it covers toy $30 robot kits to Boston Dynamics toys the lower end has more or less Zero to do with Mech Eng while the upper end is a very high end control system and refined mechanics. Or the ridiculous side of it is self driving cars are technically Robots and do they belong in Mech Eng or ? Or is it best to not have a Robots section at all?

--- Quote from: EEVblog on December 04, 2021, 10:17:01 am ---And should General Chat board go up the very top before Beginners?
This is after all an Electronics forum, and the general chat section is for general electronics/technical chat.
Although IIRC the argument before for not havign General Chat at the top was so people would see and use the other categories before they consider GC?
And the General section renamed to something else perhaps?   :-//

--- End quote ---

Putting it above 'Beginners' could give the impression that the forum is about General Rambles instead of more educational and projects/problems/advice.  :-// small edit I see you amended your initial post a bit so you are sort of down this track I guess.

IMO smashing computers topics in subforums is a mistake.

With each day, computers and software becomes more important everywhere in EE, while the electronics skills of the past are externalized, or maybe simulated.  Not many will ask about how to etch PCB, but will ask about Kicad or computer skills needed in PCB design.  Same most are using modules or assembly factories, not many will solder SMD parts.

Instead of a 555, today we'll rather need to know how to program a microcontroller instead so it will do like a 555, instead of soldering a TH thermistor and use a uA-meter to measure temperature we'll need to use a digital sensor, therefore a microcontroller, therefore a computer to program it.  Even soldering stations have computers inside these days, many times with Linux or at least with a smaller RT OS.  Things like this.

The trend is to put a computer in anything, therefore I'll expect to see inmportance of computers growing even more in the future.

TL;DR not pretending I know better, not demanding to do what I like, my mind splits the categories this way:
(draft only, rearranged + added "Science", I hope I didn't remove anything by mistake)
    - Beginners
    - Projects, Designs, and Technical Stuff
    - Repair
    - Metrology
    - RF, Microwave, Ham Radio

Digital and EDA
    - Microcontrollers
    - FPGA

    - Programming
    - Administration
    - Networking & Wireless
    - Security

    - Mobiles
    - Embedded Computing
    - Vintage Computing

Other tech
    - Machining
    - 3D Printing
    - Robotics and Mechatronic

Teardowns and Reviews
    - Test Equipment
    - Other Equipment & Products
    - Crowd Funded Projects
    - Dodgy Technology

    - Supporters Lounge
    - EEVblog Specific
    - Other Blogs
    - The AmpHour Radio Show
    - News/Suggestions/Help

    - General Technical Chat
    - Science (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc.)

    - Buy/Sell/Wanted
    - Contests & Events
    - Jobs, want to work or to hire

    - Drunk and Cooking  ;D

The Computer and EDA forums are still there. What you are suggesting adds about a third to the size of the forums list for no gain in usability for most forum members. That is before you include descriptions and white space, once you do that it almost doubles. People coming to the forums (unless they are regulars, who know the forum layout well) don't want to hunt through massive lists to find topics, even on a mobile phone - too many swipes.

General Technical Chat is in the best spot where it is (the large forums balanced throughout). If you want to move and merge a couple (so it's less top heavy), how about these two under "Other Equipment & Products". It makes sense, you have the test gear, thermal, then soldering and tools, manufacturing and assembling the pcb then machining the housing or any other fabrication or automation discussion.

"Manufacturing & Assembly"
Manufactured or Home Brewed PCBs. Assembly methods Reflow or Pick & Place etc.

"Mechanical & Automation Engineering"
Machining, Fabrication, Robotics, CNC and other automation.

I don't think this forum should be reorganized for the laziness of mobile scrolling, because EE (for either work or hobby) requires a desktop/laptop PC, not a mobile.

Mobile posting will rather dilute the forum with short bloat comments.  From a mobile one can barely type punctuation.


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