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NEWS: Forum reverted to backup

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We had to revert to a backup of the forum last night.
I'm still need to evaluate the aftermath, this is just a thread to discuss what happened.

Found this on Discord however even that thread has vanished:

Yes, that thread was made yesterday.

Hoping that the beast is tamed.  Thankyou Dave.

I wanted a rude username:
Thanks for the update. Glad I created that thread, if it's what tipped you off.

> TE thread is down to 18 pages.
> Our entire lives are gone

RIP all the comments we made between the backup time and restoration time. Feels like an alternate universe just got snuffed out.

Does the SMF forum not support database transactioning?  Before doing a big operation, start a SQL transaction, see if it is bad, if it is, roll it back...

You don't want to transaction every operation (huge performance hit) but if you're ever unsure about what something will do, it should be done.

Not sure if you can tell SQL 'any operation in the future is to be put in the transaction log' and then turn that off.


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