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Not receiving e-mail notifications


I checked my address, checked to see if the notifications are checked in my profile (it was) and checked any Spam folder in my Yahoo e-mail web site. No firewall and I don't block anything.

No notifications at all.  :(

Yahoo (and I think several other big public email providers) recently got stricter about enforcing SPF + DKIM + DMARC being configured for email senders. I strongly suspect that the domain needs to update or add some or all of those to continue delivering emails to those providers.

If mail is rejected because of that, you won't even see it in spam or anything, it just gets silently dropped.

I have a domain where there is just Me, Myself & I and I don't get
notifications, although switched on.
I think I can get normal email from other users here.

DMARC is now enabled on

Should help with some email deliverability/authentication issues.


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