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Pretty sure a user can disable images, I'll try to find the link in the settings.

In Look and Layout, there is a checkbox. Don't show users' avatars.

Not the best solution, I realize. 

For sure, but this also affects everyone who is not registered and finds the forum from the search.


--- Quote from: Whales on November 20, 2021, 11:34:24 pm ---I think "pagespeed" might be Apache pagespeed?

Ie configured in the webserver config, not php or simplemachines.

N.B. these optimisation and acceleration programs are heavily situation dependent; they can make things better, worse or not much different at all.  Eg switching out the tiny .gifs on dynamically generated pages might not actually achieve much; but it could be doing stuff elsewhere that helps.  I am innately suspicious of any and all such optimis programs :)

--- End quote ---

Wew also run the forum and website on two servers (database + files) which probably makes things more complicated.


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