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Please review the "NEOSOCKET" gas-saver

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I thought your blogs on audiopholery and the WiFi energy thing were hilarious.!

I'd love to see a review of the Neosocket. It's a device that plugs into your cigarette-lighter socket in your car and saves 10-20% of the gas-consumption. Amazing, isn't it?  ;)

Sound like a scam to me.

Perhaps there should be a debunking of these fake fuel saver scam.

Off course it's a scam. Surely it does everything they say. Decrease gas-consumption _up to_ 30%. 0.0000001% is less than 30%  ;)
I guess you could prove that in theory a 470uF cap will stabilize the voltage by some factor and this could then maybe increase the spark-plug efficiency.

Good, I'm glad you know.

I was worried for a moment. :D

Yeah, I know it's a scam (hence the  ;)), but I'm still amazed that people fall for these kind of lies.


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